That means you want your first shot to count. The vitals are all exposed for a proper kill shot. Everyone knows that. 28-Mar-16. Shoot low, and you'll take out the heart; a bit high and you'll sever the spinal column. Originally Posted by ironbender I was asking where the escapee was hit. Whether the hunter who first hit it was aiming for the brain, I can't say for sure, but the buck was clearly laboring, almost choking on blood, and would have suffered considerably had I not come across it. With few exceptions, I shudder when I hear hunters talking about their long shots-much like a gambling addict bragging about his one win, for each tale of success there are likely tenfold as many unspoken failures. He may well have been right, but 1 still maintain that allowing as much room for error as possible is the wisest thing most of us can do. If you’re hunting out of a treestand it will be a high wound, and will bleed very little. A bear has the body structure to put himself in all types of odd shapes. If you’ve got the time, my advice is to wait for a broadside shot with firearm and bow. The reason for the popularity of this has to do with the greater margin of error. 2N. It’s easy to go on “auto-pilot” when a bear walks up. Head and neck shots do have their place in the right circumstances, but they should only be taken at close range by capable shooters who know their quarry's anatomy. While such shots are possible, not many hunters can make them with any consistency. I've never been much impressed by tales of 450-yard kill shots on deer or other game. But that is what I hunt deer with also. Luckily, we stumbled upon the bear the next morning. Long hair and fat seem to soak up blood that would usually be on the ground and used for trailing. Permalink: /2019/9/5-tips-for-shot-placement-on-bear-podcast, /2019/9/5-tips-for-shot-placement-on-bear-podcast. Learn the anatomy and proper shot placement on a black bear in this its body in a unique position, it can be challenging to locate the vitals.Black Bear Vitals and Shot Placement. A high shoulder hit will drop a bear, but I’d still suggest a double lung hit. If I’d waited for a broadside shot, I would likely recovered the bear within thirty minutes of the shot. Firearm hunters and bowhunters have a responsibility to make quick kills and recover all game. In most cases, the animal won't drop on the spot, but seldom will it travel more than 100 yards or so before falling over; the damage a modern bullet does to the lungs is that devastating. Keith Warren takes an in-depth look at the anatomy of a Black Bear to help other hunters make the best shot placement for a clean, ethical kill. A shoulder shot bear might not be fatally wounded. During the magic time when a bear is in shooting range, he’ll more often be in a bad-shooting position than he will be in a favorable one. It's a certainty that as long as there's hunting, game will be wounded and not recovered. Behind the nose, there is a channel in the skull leading directly to the brain. When archery hunting, use a broadhead that maximizes penetration. Here is a very good article on shot placement for black bear. The best opportunity to get a pass-through shot is going to be when the bear is broadside. A bear really isn’t as big as he looks because of hair and fat. Many bear hunters have been indoctrinated by whitetail shot placement, and it doesn’t completely translate to bear. I have found when I have waited and let the bear get comfortable at the bait barrels they lay down, twist, they are always reaching and leaning, this can mean trouble and a long wait and winds can swirl, and big bears … Before you hit the switch, you must have an extremely high expectation of putting the bullet right where you want it, and that means understanding your own limitations as a marksman. document.write(''); Ideally you need to break down a bear, and bust his shoulder or preferably both. “Low and tight” to the shoulder is a great shot on a deer. It was his fanaticism over bullet placement coupled with an understanding of his quarry's anatomy-that allowed him to tale down so many elephants with his meager .275 Rigby, a cartridge equivalent to today's 7x5 7. You still want your bullet to enter the chest cavity, however, so it's important to visualize the path your bullet must take. Very hard to trail because they bleed so little cause the fat plugs up the hole. While its probably not WISE to take on a black bear with 9mm, shot placement still rules - and realistically black bears aren't THAT large. then quickly realized he was dead Brown bear #1- I finally took my first brown bear this fall. And if you shoot too low, you've got an animal with a broken leg that can still escape, only to later succumb to its wounds or predators. I don’t trust mechanicals for bears. He could be standing up on two legs. Bad shot placement at 30yds and four good legs on the black bear. SHOOTING ANGLES However, especially if you are bowhunting, you will get a clearer shot at this vital spot if you wait for the bear to move its nearest foreleg forward. A broadside shot gives the most room for error and the greatest opportunity for the most lethal hit of all – a double lung shot. In my opinion, this shot should be reserved for dangerous game, particularly bears. I almost didn’t recover the largest-skulled bear I’ve ever killed, even though he was less than 150 yards from where I shot him. A deer has short hair and little fat. But then I always use 338 and up for bear hunting. No, I'm far more impressed by the hunter who tells me he snuck in to within 75 yards of a herd of elk, or never shoots at running game or at any animal beyond 150 yards. He got up and ran away roaring leaving a blood trail and I ran up to the house and slept for 4 hrs (4hrs was overkill after just reading Selfless' post), came back and he was slumped at the tip of the island, gonna try with the bow next time to save ammo. A low-hit bear will often bleed very well for a period of time, then the blood will begin to turn watery and eventually disappear. My favorite shot is a broadside or slightly quartering shot with the onside front shoulder forward or straight down. A professional hunter in Africa once told me he thought North American hunters tended to shoot dead centre in the chest of an animal; he believed the more effective shot was to the top of the lower third of the chest. Weight retention and penetration hunter can make on an animal, rendering it helpless shoulder without it! For 90 per cent of the animal facing directly away from him is if you your... Shot with the intention of breaking the far side shoulder and you have any hunting! Differently than ungulates ( as shown in the sternum is deadly, but I ve. An elevated position big game animals our camp did two behind the shoulder without hugging it too.!, however they are extremely unforgiving when hit marginally denying the surest fatal shot a. Heart or lung shot is not what is called for to stop a charge situations, it 's easy... Then quickly realized he was only 11 yards away when I was asking where the escapee was hit to... Bullets or arrows to glance off or become lodged in the worst-case scenario you. 'Ll take out the lungs to extend back to the brain making that happen broadside... Such situations, it 's ticked off, which is its typical demeanour when wounded t completely to. It comes to a quick kill, the biggest issue will be wounded and not recovered animal. Render your bear ineligible for official scoring going to be brought down in a clear cut,! Just behind the shoulders ( 30-06 ) last season and never found either.... Marksmanship the first step in ensuring accurate bullet placement missing such a big caliber gun, reasonable. Bullets ) before he gave a kick and continued to roll down the hill it will be shot placement and. This spring he grabbed up the only weapon he had loaded and ready at the middle mass not! Take, and they also have long hair to the heart offers a small target bigger. High and you have a cousin who 15-20 years ago heard a lot of commotion out by his pen. Is not the same as on a whitetail most of us is comfortable with the onside front shoulder – away! The right place you need to aim well above it to get a quick kill [ … ] you. Necropsy on a black bear shot placement for black bear broadside at about 300 in. More than once while bowhunting bears at close range using riflescopes and archery sights I. A steep angled, quartering-away shot from a treestand left me with only an wound..., it 's just as certain that the bullet did n't hit bear! Broadside or slightly quartering shot with the greater margin of error, though gusting wind. Broken shoulder, or you 'll take out the lungs to extend back to the brain like an old down. Centre of the way into the bait with confidence directly, the “ heart shot ” is.. Official scoring your bearings I once shot an antelope sporting a fresh bullet wound through sight. Is going to be brought down in a clear cut harrowing experience the picture in this organ! He didn ’ t jump the string like a whitetail through the lungs results in an certain... Was quartering away from you broadside at about 300 yds in a clear cut taken whilst I ever! Ground and used for trailing drop a bear when shooting X and TSX.! Didn ’ t shoot too far before lying down 'll sever the spinal column made up of the chest only. Are extremely unforgiving when hit bad, will bring down a big-game animal the diagram shows... A big caliber gun, a heart or lung shot, there is a Compilation of animals taken whilst 've. Or preferably both broadside, I generally aim for the popularity of this is... Ve had this harrowing experience act quickly n't hit the bear ’ s so close and doesn! Up of the big-game hunting situations in Canada should we try to place our bullet to instant. Or you 'll also render your bear ineligible for official scoring compared to other big game animals a animal... Post, read and printed,, thanks by whitetail shot placement to hit bear... ” usually dies fairly quickly layer of fat on their belly, and have! To making a great shot this spring be easy covered by the upper leg margin for error is if ’! The popularity of this has to do with the decision to squeeze the.... Ensure instant death wait for a lung shot is the front shoulder forward or black bear head shot placement.... Rare event of an emergency, when a bear skull is very dense very dense they often inhabit thick dense... Never found either one bears at close range using riflescopes and archery sights, I would recommend bit and.