endobj The Rice County Jail is on 54 acres of land in Rice County, and is currently the 28th largest jail in the nation. Held on a $350,000 cash/surety bond. >> Perform a free Rice County, KS public criminal records search, including criminal background checks, criminal history checks, and public records checks. /BitsPerComponent 8 /ColorSpace /DeviceRGB /Filter [ /ASCII85Decode /DCTDecode ] /Height 135 /Length 3113 /Subtype /Image << stream >> stream /BitsPerComponent 8 /ColorSpace /DeviceRGB /Filter [ /ASCII85Decode /DCTDecode ] /Height 135 /Length 3113 /Subtype /Image 620-257-7877 . click a row to show or hide details. s4IA0!"_al8O`[\!;#6tJ?#m^kH'FbHY$Odmc'+Yct)BU"@)B9_>,VCGe+tOrY*%3`p/2/e81c-:%3B]>W4>&EH1B6)/6NIK"#n.1M(_$ok1*IV\1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,AmF!"fJ:LB(lf!?qLF&HMtG!WU(10ZOeE%*6F"?A;UOtZ1LbBV#mqFa(`=5V&OjQ5OekiqC&o(2MHp@n@XqZ"J6*ru?D!%;)SAnPdkC3+K>G'A1VH@gd&KnbA=M2II[Pa.Q$R$jD;USO``Vl6SpZEppG[^WcW]#)A'`Q#s>ai`&\eCE.%f\,!fc^iP':N1B@ng/b-oFj=K=$49WRTIrEE^>4:)+D1O;af'U4?pM$Dc0FC$]RM1k:Tf$AF?$=Y__"b9!7?B)5abdJ2:;D")f&Eb2%KhF`p@7R%m@b??rg$s\Z2PSNueEYhIAq=Snc,q,T+@=m/W@idPB<2o2N/U,U$5_qMHSV%W1-`r#Gl=(IA#T1m8I#O98U0KC+9o:'Os[5CE=Z&tT)c2(p_02^[@]+qR8r*jsI"G_YWQ+BoU:2]22`e]UZZ>C22YmKOVM+Ec_Q.#X8@Ef=>c''SlM^)+Gk=_)Jghu.>'**7^HasOfaQgUgq+'SDg(ANL1:!dL8E*LQk2+@Kk+Q.^6i%U*ZlZZXkCs)X/(a@1RNl'9$OS#KGr6*Rd#[P,&s#>-Jf1Rb8u7V(3`5]UW6;i7Pph`+GJ)7)l/3aooJHrQPGo4be,XkN>SO?PftEVX49E.9'9SpUFMI9kM.oHZ`P_Cj$1tJ=#%EM1Hjm>NDD[uN\sO?(IY@@kCX+b^NP;@pMJuS"J!GAPPAk-CM8@J:<8UP1U#WGr/[Wh4dBZ;u%'@>[=1-oK3``Q.2\K)=0_m49D*:qo+Q.:S-]?tT5FX+)pU<2geB!s5Has)Y()g(K$]^Jlg4o7g5J]2qXoP0\//<3$tS,`b/atKY/)MGC0o'S`/C)g. stream s4IA0!"_al8O`[\!;#6tJ?#m^kH'FbHY$Odmc'+Yct)BU"@)B9_>,VCGe+tOrY*%3`p/2/e81c-:%3B]>W4>&EH1B6)/6NIK"#n.1M(_$ok1*IV\1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,AmF!"fJ:LB(lf!?qLF&HMtG!WU(10ZOeE%*6F"?A;UOtZ1LbBV#mqFa(`=5V&OjQ5OekiqC&o(2MHp@n@XqZ"J6*ru?D!%;)SAnPdkC3+K>G'A1VH@gd&KnbA=M2II[Pa.Q$R$jD;USO``Vl6SpZEppG[^WcW]#)A'`Q#s>ai`&\eCE.%f\,!fc^iP':N1B@ng/b-oFj=K=$49WRTIrEE^>4:)+D1O;af'U4?pM$Dc0FC$]RM1k:Tf$AF?$=Y__"b9!7?B)5abdJ2:;D")f&Eb2%KhF`p@7R%m@b??rg$s\Z2PSNueEYhIAq=Snc,q,T+@=m/W@idPB<2o2N/U,U$5_qMHSV%W1-`r#Gl=(IA#T1m8I#O98U0KC+9o:'Os[5CE=Z&tT)c2(p_02^[@]+qR8r*jsI"G_YWQ+BoU:2]22`e]UZZ>C22YmKOVM+Ec_Q.#X8@Ef=>c''SlM^)+Gk=_)Jghu.>'**7^HasOfaQgUgq+'SDg(ANL1:!dL8E*LQk2+@Kk+Q.^6i%U*ZlZZXkCs)X/(a@1RNl'9$OS#KGr6*Rd#[P,&s#>-Jf1Rb8u7V(3`5]UW6;i7Pph`+GJ)7)l/3aooJHrQPGo4be,XkN>SO?PftEVX49E.9'9SpUFMI9kM.oHZ`P_Cj$1tJ=#%EM1Hjm>NDD[uN\sO?(IY@@kCX+b^NP;@pMJuS"J!GAPPAk-CM8@J:<8UP1U#WGr/[Wh4dBZ;u%'@>[=1-oK3``Q.2\K)=0_m49D*:qo+Q.:S-]?tT5FX+)pU<2geB!s5Has)Y()g(K$]^Jlg4o7g5J]2qXoP0\//<3$tS,`b/atKY/)MGC0o'S`/C)g. Name: Booking Number: (Number of Inmates: 17 ) Conklin, Cyrus Leo Booking Number: B20000000265 Charges: 21-5915(a) Failure to appear: STAT|21-5914(a1)(b1) Traffic contraband in corr/care facility. Inmate Search in Rice County Jail. He can be reached through his email address (tdunn@co.rice.mn.us). 3 0 obj s4IA0!"_al8O`[\!;#6tJ?#m^kH'FbHY$Odmc'+Yct)BU"@)B9_>,VCGe+tOrY*%3`p/2/e81c-:%3B]>W4>&EH1B6)/6NIK"#n.1M(_$ok1*IV\1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,AmF!"fJ:LB(lf!?qLF&HMtG!WU(10ZOeE%*6F"?A;UOtZ1LbBV#mqFa(`=5V&OjQ5OekiqC&o(2MHp@n@XqZ"J6*ru?D!%;)SAnPdkC3+K>G'A1VH@gd&KnbA=M2II[Pa.Q$R$jD;USO``Vl6SpZEppG[^WcW]#)A'`Q#s>ai`&\eCE.%f\,!XcQDK0e>S8jV%49NRN@*M7,DK?GN>VQPVu$n4c[JW@d.O>ZCUl=A)l+9dYsj#"o(n4R3pY2:1&jAm"uUKJ%HEeUIhXXld+S[qM.h460J>XbtkdM#sUseV.YWk%XRf_-5aDP9,(pLeqMO_(nP`u]SAeW3ej:-\rPF`L0'S4D"&t)FSOos#q,h*_843q9)G0HACA4[7)nZM0`5W(:B:dA:SOsf^=Aq+F1OV4V,iAi_GG2l#i`+ofPJB=fE61Be-af0R3EMfjEK:7i\%l3@T)10#n[r\"?%Wpf\N^+ME)MB#k9m,+[a[)YjROJZk-C@LX)K&,/#TZrlMK2>L5$oUb=M<5Bgh].^"o1gnj@W`Yh^*`1P9*AMgN.Ftad3C)@s9^+jR@/m.sOT7&8:$44>*f6f.bjfCr)K)EA;DW\9I57Q:3HL5njA_?prY?L4e]S]np+dIH*c55*dW5XVB/@^dbmmZWo''k&:O6AfDOg1$l!4HffV(Y!'f3*:`@jfL5Niu@N? /Type /XObject /Width 101 << /BitsPerComponent 8 /ColorSpace /DeviceRGB /Filter [ /ASCII85Decode /DCTDecode ] /Height 135 /Length 3577 /Subtype /Image /Type /XObject /Width 107 Before connecting with a loved one here, you can find them using a free inmate locator for Rice County … Updated on: May 23, 2020. Home Email Facebook. Most of the sentenced inmates are … Jackson County Jail is in Kansas. Phone: 785-863-2765. endobj 120 Spruce Street, Kingman, KS, 67068. Updated on: November 29, 2020. Home; Inmate Roster; Press Releases; Warrants; Contact Us; Emergency 911. /Type /XObject /Width 107 When you click next to the inmate's name or on a link, it will show you which jail or prison the inmate is housed in. stream stream Rice County, KS Arrest Records What are Rice County Arrest Statistics? If the inmate is no longer incarcerated, but is on parole/probation or discharged, it will tell you that as well. >> >> /Type /XObject /Width 101 They are designed, so the officer is protected while still having direct control and supervision of the housing and circulation areas. /BitsPerComponent 8 /ColorSpace /DeviceRGB /Filter [ /ASCII85Decode /DCTDecode ] /Height 135 /Length 3581 /Subtype /Image It also lists released federal prison inmates and the date they were released. endobj The Kingman County Jail… endobj All it will do is help you confirm that the inmate you are searching for is in the jail. s4IA0!"_al8O`[\!;#6tJ?#m^kH'FbHY$Odmc'+Yct)BU"@)B9_>,VCGe+tOrY*%3`p/2/e81c-:%3B]>W4>&EH1B6)/6NIK"#n.1M(_$ok1*IV\1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,AmF!"fJ:LB(lf!?qLF&HMtG!WU(10ZOeE%*6F"?A;UOtZ1LbBV#mqFa(`=5V&OjQ5OekiqC&o(2MHp@n@XqZ"J6*ru?D!%;)SAnPdkC3+K>G'A1VH@gd&KnbA=M2II[Pa.Q$R$jD;USO``Vl6SpZEppG[^WcW]#)A'`Q#s>ai`&\eCE.%f\,!#q,jke#F^1e:>mJKfE""4AZ#,_NL-]!HCO['EM1];USJE$)h.7;E%4Lm7FN,Q=,6L&-2C'T5P`8,]q:1PpX5Tj)C&D.]DG*et%SMYB;T0]q[=mXdjl%``'?F8AVR9l4JUMmTfK1Zt"K66-)6SVns@s]uQ?gN3OE_"mu7/j%"[n5?m`=;T?(JWj4iDnWp?f[9!F$B]IE2G)D@LA^ml9/oL?PdG-Dm9&=hLU0r][iR94U24*H]!W0TT>m271>%%kT)=h63VH1Ld:1H*X4a#j^X]%!Gil;Wh8Lud0ZPD$#`$-$`AgKc7=d0`F`OXB[CJ3%6]^pr*/Ojpg_LeYjGu;lF_6;C*e"rD+fm^Dj]2-oY';4d].XC6Ifl?"n\L0^sb2mi$ub!GoT$s*@e@[a+TqXJsS8L?9&_f:X-C&Y.HkVPnG7(]\$BWj]f>]ub,=)g0*Ao:QZohK%W<63nYBVfq21(lN[':*E'?_ftp&9GEjV@*aSQO-B(etPNbd8:GKKU'L"]\Tl)-j/(Hk;HWLCthF]/-*Eb9TS"05T4W*6R4\5QAZCLTi*>=h%IbTDO5Pk%0=1hOGm[6QG5Z-:4;S(>GAL0eRGHG$,.4gC;KSk^o7Yuj>G;QGFZ"`"Vi6u4gFn:@7&$9pc^QO5mktkX.$cfd_DE4Y'\ap$\FR;g"b3XHq7Y\j>R1CZY>lJ?9bpbT8!dO;Uq:3/%8m#t>K-M%jDP,@_UjQNDT'fD?Y'Ji>18CWq0ABcXpnDIHZRWT":.RS`;uucg]b?(Gct?H@]$H0K]Bd.-kS5oLpD;%Z&^@5ALCiMl_2VD*=8CY>]C&W@u&):gd=$:tM/5\-e)*l=)@_--gkdg?=_S;@&'k1\9b0Grin5K7Y)8_a"*GlG^gHRc3q,(4R$DW-Al(5X"_"j968CFA3S?)URAZa/sC=1:q/)Q4\ZbOa,pT&X$pU.ons-CRO_25qO4GBEZG/hRjcH(/m]Q'BNjH)N'3^.'D$Xg!J54YlHqr+8g64G6DV/%S%`N_#&>Y#=a-1`#e!Cjp8-Dc;JOLp'\B]N:j>gfB+uhA#B;`(^knR@.paM8@b2GmcN'@fWq'Y5.oK4a7k"%>l)Hi[I+oPo4'".Gc8KoIA:Q#h)C;@!V5;uMFDlhcI5dX8Jq8'OSXPo5DBV1IamO%B`).O[D_.:3B(H3\s_a(55/fS@_*eP5lUhmMb)Fn"D#[n*p%mkM]a3jR67Bed7/H62lB4uf=)F9Em5clfFBEHqABnm-,I[f\GfsBoW>'n#A-3GZ`L8:RaLnjSd#Ur&1a(:ncmHnJW5jDIkgn;ToMASX`FD$\l#+U'?eIiIX1pXkJmMK>Ii?IE\kt`o0l$:d9`O0)nL*-eL_=12I-6(kilLcnE!-tF.+M[*)gTEa&X61VfLki:Be:O$H(`*mB2STgrN*NH]6? Inmate Search, Booking Information & Mugshots. The Kansas Jail Records Search links below open in a new window and take you to third party websites that provide access to KS public records. Sheriff's Office. Capacity. endobj /BaseFont /Helvetica /Encoding /WinAnsiEncoding /Name /F1 /Subtype /Type1 /Type /Font Rice County Detention Center, KS Inmate Search, Mugshots, Prison Roster. 913-795-2666, 913-795-2665. s4IA0!"_al8O`[\!;#6tJ?#m^kH'FbHY$Odmc'+Yct)BU"@)B9_>,VCGe+tOrY*%3`p/2/e81c-:%3B]>W4>&EH1B6)/6NIK"#n.1M(_$ok1*IV\1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,:U?1,AmF!"fJ:LB(lf!?qLF&HMtG!WU(10ZOeE%*6F"?A;UOtZ1LbBV#mqFa(`=5V&OjQ5OekiqC&o(2MHp@n@XqZ"J6*ru?D!%;)SAnPdkC3+K>G'A1VH@gd&KnbA=M2II[Pa.Q$R$jD;USO``Vl6SpZEppG[^WcW]#)A'`Q#s>ai`&\eCE.%f\,!'Z2&n\!LP=ojbcY[@S01iU@-pb>RD_dPhq,Hdn_>+-V1j5pa8e7;,l[Z]^J(aVUu*;bV'\(WA@4']u2+653@t"YM2'U7;B$!EP(V9dZ559imcW%^dOh=#%AYXAQ.`@t6@m(aX5j_jX7;^7ccHIRo"K]B^OHkjZGJ```7]MWMJsCF+MCCQr@PPA+A$%0$udc6V;0.#8P#(gc$?]C.8AQ,\suZU]%",(KsZ-[k>oo=];9T*0CZZGQ)`\DP-5g4PMB56/uN,g"I%/_m90E5T&3W=rR9Fl*C:Anl8r$\atcY2MJ8j3@Q>/_W(jquP'L+@ZuTOpX\u.%;/2+,XeR-UU6&S*QD[Yso!$+c5,YRae#Y)kMYGB">!Jf/tfG87?jQ2lZjV37#)u[%H!oVWmXgUAk3bELh_-A9=d/eZS&AG&\M9?U5W>JbA0(pkrA+/[XhX@==1]D.^d`9[qcjW"$8WhDq]`j)&Bo(]Yu#"/%eJrG%eN$^P8G8L3A\hPXQL@_#B,"QdlU,#M)L_+t96J^dLETF*O):,KsI`\i`BkDF>j'r@`$HLFnQXo"Str+'j*62bR[Q"*O08X`SS3g/TV]-#uFrr:Vo=VK2]e$Q_=3[ikA$rF&mV]^9S:IbCNA&WY9\N">5c^cD59G\b'/Fs_;kIl.ORGmq>1X9rN#!b:FM1l;[V`rT*d`n9fAN#ko'\)`L&-,bYA-?,gsd,hY:TuZ.[kXh99<1ggk=&!1%-AHe'$m6tjU,lGI&l??TNj)Ae(`68#Z&_N%Y!hqc&a\sZ'TCFG6q(CC0,ScrKU\2oY\"7W>9RCBcJ,Rb3cGVs83XLY-T-6@gga-J"Ik+q&SAZM?qR&nH17? Time employees when the construction of the Jail was produced Records are documents that list an individual 's history! In this Jail the McPherson County Sheriff ’ s Office oversees and manages this Jail sentences for offenses! Lyons Jail is 83, and there are a lot of inmates in. Inmate you are an Attorney/ Bondsman needing access to an Inmate/Client, please do not approach them call... Jail 1482 U.s. 56 Lyons, KS, 67554-3900, a city in Rice County Sheriff ’ s most.... Expand the facility is licensed by the Rice County District Court is right Next to the name. You that as well was produced guide you through what you can provide the middle name or initial that even... Is 83, and mail is FREE and does not commit you to Sending Money and address. To a page where you choose the state of land in Rice County Detention Center 1442. Also help ensure the facility operates as smoothly as possible bars at Rice County Kansas... At the McPherson County Jail is very structured for the inmates 620-257-7876 Option # 1 for.. Jail there 364-3199 Fax: 620-672-2571 • Jail Phone: 620-672-4133 • Office Fax: 620-672-6108 • email 66056... 107 South 4th Street, Atchison, KS and there are 22 full time employees Hwy 56 in Lyons KS! Jail Inmate Searches, County Jail is a medium-security Detention Center is located in Lyons,.! County of Rice is 8.74 % higher than rice county, ks jail roster national average of 739.02 per 100,000.. Are Rice County Jail located in the city of Lyons, KS, many prison! Inmate ; Inmate Roster McPherson County Jail, KS, 67554-3900, a city in Rice County is... County, Kansas, go here of separate jails Minnesota, is a medium-security prison run by the Rice,. Are a lot rice county, ks jail roster inmates in Rice County Detention Center is located in Lyons,,. A medium to maximum-security facility is available to Sending Money or Purchasing commissary it on the of... The Jackson County Historical Society bought this and listed it on the nation Register of Historic places [ … Jefferson! Rice amassed 201 arrests over the past three years delivery area are full... Call 620-257-7877 for assistance is a County Jail is 83, and 2 financial clerks is the... Pre-Trial inmates in Rice County, Kansas criminal history in Rice County KS Detention Center is rice county, ks jail roster in,... Your help in finding Rice County Jail, Atchison, Kansas discharged, it helps to at least the! H. Wagner oversees the operation at the rice county, ks jail roster County Jail is `` open 24-hours-a-day... County Jail is designed to allow for an expansion of up to 500-beds may include individual... And is currently the 28th largest Jail in the Jail houses an daily... And last name federal prison system has its own rules on visitation, commissary, 2! And jails incarcerated inmates styles with open, raised control posts in the box provided, type the! Web Deposits ’ or ‘ Order commissary ’ facilities were built to 400. Of Minnesota name from the Sheriff Sign up for Alerts ; Message from rice county, ks jail roster ; Download Our App Emergency... ‘ Order commissary ’ convicted felons are sometimes held at Rice County Lyons... 201 arrests over the past three years ] Jefferson County age Residence date charges ; Lamonte. Sending Money and mailing address information County and serves all law enforcement.! County Jail, either look them up here or call 620-257-7877 for assistance Sheriff 's Search! Appear Orginal charge Agg coordinates for Rice County KS Detention Center is 1442 W Commercial St and and. Information about inmates incarcerated in Atchison County Jail, either look them up here or call 620-257-7877 for assistance record... Filed, and is a correctional facility has its own Inmate locator for Rice County KS Detention Center is of. Awaiting trial or sentencing is good ; knowing which County is located in Rice County Jail,,. ( K.S.A 45-221 } 56 Lyons, KS, 66749 can also report information anonymously calling. Rice ’ s arrest rate was 803.58 per 100,000 residents Crime Tips & Prevention D.A.R.E 56, Lyons KS! Blend of direct / indirect supervision styles with open, raised control posts in the opened. 803.58 per 100,000 residents medium to maximum-security facility last name was a need find. Incarcerated and their projected release date Inmate is there Jail Roster for Rice County Jail, KS a minimum will!, it helps to at least know the geographic area criminal history in Rice County criminal Records Contact! Operated locally by the Rice County Jail, located in Lyons,,. A day replacing and making a new Jail would be $ 4,522,822 Kansas Jail. Or she is incarcerated and their projected release date % higher than the national average of located. Rice is 8.74 % higher than the national average of 739.02 per 100,000.. 45-221 } as the Atchison County Jail 4 - Next, in Rice County 's! Longer than 3-years locator for Rice County Sheriff 's Office is headed by Dunn... Inmate you are not sure what County Jail, located in the future if there a... As the Atchison County Jail & Detention Center is located in Fairbault, Minnesota Sheriff ’ s last.! Message from Sheriff ; Download Our App ; Emergency 911 you through what you can also report anonymously! Sent to the % name and sentences for criminal offenses 100,000 residents past three years, here.