Page 1 of 13 - Join the Camonna Tong - Camonna Tong Faction Mod - posted in File topics: Join the Camonna Tong - Camonna Tong Faction Mod This mod lets you join the Camonna Tong and includes more than 40 quest. A note from Orvas Dren to one of his Foreman. The quote tells it all. There are 30 Camonna Tong members total and you will find them in these locations: Balmora; Dren Plantation; Gnaar Mok; Hla Oad; Sadrith Mora; Vivec, Hlaalu Canton; Goal 2: Free the Slaves. Off on their farms, but they won't do anything without Orvas Dren's approval. Once you’re at the Dren plantation, head into the manor and you’ll find Orvas upstairs. * Added armor joints to several armors. Its owner is interesting, its purpose is interesting, its inhabitants are interesting as well. His brother, Orvas, owns the Dren Plantation and also runs the Camonna Tong. 1 4 41. 1 History 2 In Skyrim 3 Notable Items 4 Navigation Otar was an ancient Nordic chieftain who ruled over the city of Ragnvald in the Merethic Era. Profile Log in to check your private messages Search Forum FAQ Usergroups Memberlist Register TR Data Log in Finally, go see Duke Vedam Dren in … Any one. And this mafia is a very, VERY racist one. Head to the Dren Plantation, into the big house looking over the place. X. Dren Plantation is a large netch farm in the Ascadian Isles. - Small cavern underneath the plantation, accessible from the tower as well as from behind Orvas Dren's Villa - Small Sixth House shrine in the cavern as per the alliance Orvas Dren has with the Sixth House - 1 Lame Corprus in the cavern; The Dren Plantation is an interesting location. * Guards are now more likely to wear helmets. It is inhabited by guards, both Dunmer and Nord; netch breeders, mostly Imperial; and slaves, who are all either Khajiit or Argonian. Orvas Dren is such a huge dissapointment. Thanks! It is inhabited by guards, both Dunmer and Nord; an Imperial netch herder; and slaves, who are all either Khajiit or Argonian. It is owned and run by the Duke's brother Orvas Dren, who is head of the Camonna Tong. Am I screwed? Orvas Dren (Blue Republic) lost their Hyperion in Josameto (The Forge). He knew the Great Houses were beginning to seek the same thing, and appealed to the Telvanni and Indoril to form an alliance. Dren Plantation is a large netch farm in the Ascadian Isles. UESP:Morrowind Map. Dealing with Orvas Dren; The Brothers Ienith; Ahnassi, a Special Friend; Larrius Varro Tells a Little Story; Hunting them down. He had a very nice armor :cheeky:, and I wanted it. You can kill him (but you really shouldn't, he's a tough one and so are his guards with Daedric Shields downstairs) or you can persuade and bribe your way to a high disposition and he'll approve you. bugs bunny. Velothi wrote:Taking the Caldera land-point can specifically be an abuse of Imperial connections (Hlaalu gets the territory in its sphere of influence and the Imperials get the cash), as well as having the Legion as a bulwark against any whom decide to be against them. zKillboard has detected that it has been embedded in an iframe. Note to Mages - Stlennius. An 'outlander' is one born and raised elsewhere than Morrowind. and has grown from being a small sector of the company to forming a large part of it: a charter company with one of the largest fleets in Split region. DREN III complies with all DoD Security Regulations, and provides secure transport for data between Service Delivery Points (SDPs) at each connected location. Talk to the Duke some more and get onto the subject of the Camonna Tong. A note to not use fire in certain area. Message X