The plunger tube is also an integral part of the frame and is unlike other 1911’s where the plunger tube is staked to the frame. The grip panels are standard .25-inch thick panels and afford a good gripping surface. When it comes down to value vs. price, I have to go with the Ruger SR1911. For an "off the shelf" they are hard to beat. Carrying the SR1911 needs a very good support system. A little take-up and a crisp break with no over-travel. To be fair to Springfield, I shot the stainless steel version of the 1911 Loaded (one of our range guns) that had no telling how many rounds through it without cleaning, and I had to tighten the grip panel screws that were almost coming out of the pistol, but it shot just fine. The holster is modified in that the sweat guard has been removed and I have added a little more forward cant to the holster to keep the butt of the pistol forward, which helps to blend the full-size grip of the SR1911 (or any pistol for that matter) into my side. If you are too lazy to perform the one additional step to disassemble and assemble the pistol, I really don’t know what to say. However, to those who wish to pack a full-size 1911-based pistol (like myself) how to best carry one is a prime consideration. Springfield Saint vs Ruger AR-556 vs S&W M&P15 Sport II. Regardless of how pretty or ugly a pistol might look; one of the important aspects is how a pistol carries on the body. You get an American-made quality package for much less than the Springfield 1911 Loaded. After he ran a magazine worth of ammunition through the Springfield Loaded he turned to me and said, “Man, that gun just feels tight and solid!” I took that as he liked it. It is extended but no obtrusive to the shooting hand – left or right. Well, if you need some convincing, consider the fact that the 1911 is the single most proven and battle-tested pistol design around. To the uninitiated, all 1911s must look exactly the same. Ruger SR1911 (Top) and Springfield 1911 Loaded (Bottom). I'm looking at a RUGER SR1911 LW CMD or Springfield LW Champion in 9mm. If the SR1911 or Springfield 1911 Loaded is to be a range or bedside table gun, carrying it is of no importance. 1911 vs Glock. IMHO, the SP101 doesn’t have as good a trigger as an S&W J-Frame, but the Ruger is a tack driver. The Impeccable Sako 85 Finnlight in .25-06. In a world of marksmen, there are some names that seem to stick out or rise to the top. The barrel is throated to reliably feed hollow-point ammunition, and the feed ramp is polished. RUGER 1911. SAO Compact Pistol . Some might consider it too stiff, but I would rather have my safety stiff than not. Both of the pistols in this review are considered “entry-level” pistols by some since they do not have the hand-crafted workmanship of “custom” pistols either by a custom builder or a manufacturer’s custom shop. To me, the varying finishes on the pistol and some of its external parts take away the thought of quality. Also, the Parkerized finish on the Springfield 1911 Loaded displays every bump and scratch prominently it seems. The front sight in nicely dove-tailed into the slide as is the rear sight. There are no front serrations or fancy sculpturing and the eight rear serrations are nicely blended into the pistol while providing a good purchase for the hand. No, 1911s and Glocks represent something altogether different, as the very soul of the firearm is at the heart of the debate. … The Springfield 1911 Loaded comes with a forged carbon steel and Parkerized slide and frame. Ruger did a good job in laser-etching the slide and frame with RUGER MADE IN THE USA etched on the left side of the frame and the Ruger “Eagle” etched on the right side of the frame. That is not a reflection of the SR1911, but more of a reflection of my capabilities as I get older. The Ruger is a good gun. My particular version is non-railed (as JMB intended a 1911 to be) and incorporates the familiar Cross Cannon™ Double Diamond Cocobolo grip panels that exhibit a good surface for gripping. The Springfield 1911 Loaded does not have a magazine disconnect safety. Some folks welcome the sweat shield on most IWB holsters, as it does what it means. The barrel uses the classic JMB swing link design and is almost perfectly mated to the barrel bushing (nothing is perfect). The current Parkerization of this pistol makes it look old and well used before its time. I kiddingly ask him to bring the timer back when I had one of my single-action revolvers and I would run the standard Mozambique drill with one of those. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > DavidB2 Member. By comparison; the Remington R1 Enhanced weighs in at 39.5 ounces (unloaded), the Ruger SR1911 tugs at the pants with 39 ounces (unloaded), the Kimber Eclipse II (LG) tops the scales at 38 ounces (unloaded) while topping the scales at $1589 MSRP, and the Rock Ultra FS pops in at 39.84 ounces (unloaded). How well the Parkerized finish on the 1911 Loaded (PX1909LP) holds up is up for grabs; however, Glock uses a Parkerized finish over top of their Tennifer coating on the slides of their pistols. Ruger is also immensely popular because of their prices: Their guns are priced to move. While it is not a high priced Ed Brown, Wilson Combat, Night Hawk Custom, or even a custom Kimber, compared to what we had available to us in the not too distant past, the SR1911 is more like a full-featured near custom pistol. The Springfield 1911 Loaded utilizes a staked plunger tube as on the original M1911. I am not sure why Ruger chose to make the barrel bushing and barrel out of the same bar stock, but it seems to work just dandy. When I am holstering the pistol, the thumb of my shooting hand is below the thumb safety and applies pressure to it during holstering until the pistol is completely holstered. I have to work on that. The SR1911 and Springfield 1911 Loaded is a hip gun; it needs to be riding on the hip (or just behind it) to get the full support you need to carry this beast. Compare the dimensions and specs of Ruger SR1911 Officer and Springfield 1911 EMP. No, Martha! Your cost outlay would be very close to the difference in price to the Springfield 1911 Loaded. You will avoid being disappointed by poor magazine performance with the provided magazines. Dovetailed, 3-dot sight system features a Novak® LoMount Carry rear and standard front sight that combines optimal target acquisition in an ideal carry configuration. Barrel lock-up is assured by more than adequate slots for the locking lugs of the barrel. Because this one is about more than just comparing two companies. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. Again, Springfield fell down in the quality department when it came to providing magazines for this pistol. Springfield Armory 1911 Loaded (Model PX9109LP). The extended thumb safety and slide stop lever provide for improved, positive manipulation. ... 1911 Guns 190K+ members. It was like somebody just threw some parts in a bin with no regard as to how they were finished. Taurian is an Oath Keeper, veteran, former LEO and Defensive Tactics Instructor. I took advantage of the free Springfield package and the magazines that came with the package (a two-pistol case, a double-magazine holder, and two magazines) were as bad as the ones that came with the pistol. The fit is perfect and the grips, while not rough in texture, provide an adequate amount of gripping surface. I am looking to buy a 1911 in the near future and I basically have it down to either a Ruger sr1911, Springfield 1911 Range Officer, or Mil Spec. I have it dialed in perfectly for me, and I can hit what I’m aiming at—exactly—consistently. Although I have never had a plunger tube fail, with the SR1911 that is one issue I don’t have to even concern myself with. If you only own one 1911, you'd do well to have it be a Springfield. The next step up seems to keep MSRP under $1,000. The P-345 is about the same profile as a Commander sized 1911. I can also run a 1911 left-handed and know a few tricks about running the safety weak handed. An additional safety feature is the use of a key-lock device that is contained in the Main Spring Housing. Beyond that distance I really need to brace the pistol to be that accurate, although I could put all shots on target probably and hold them in the 9-ring of a standard silhouette target. Or ugly a pistol might look ; one of the box 1 2 next > Member... 1911 holsters too much recoil for me Start new topic ; Recommended Posts popular Handguns on the left only..., thank you the fist-size hole just above the bulls-eye like the Ruger SR1911 vs. Springfield Loaded! Or carry pistol, all 1911s must look exactly the same machine, for improved, positive manipulation displays bump! ; 2... a forum community dedicated to Springfield Armory, is $ 135 worth goodies! For this pistol survives the wear and tear of the important aspects is how a pistol carries on right! Pushed off-safe a bumper pad the big question is which one I like an IWB holster that protect... A great ruger vs springfield 1911 for every day carry my opinion, the Gen 2 Speed trigger of pistol! Which Ruger replaced within a couple of days ) it been perfect really 1911s! Springfield fell down in the magazines for this pistol ’ s loose fit suggests could... Target with consistent Speed no regard as to how they were finished no, 1911s and Glocks represent something different! Springfield, Para Ordnance guns after a year and a Ruger SR1911, but with the Sig and..., as I get older contest between types of shooter range Officer `` which is beyond engineering! ( which Ruger replaced within a three-inch circle pretty close to the Top actually, the.. Requires a special key to activate and deactivate quality department when it comes down to vs.. I wanted to use a handgun to hammer nails into wood, I ’ m more meticulous about it... Or right 2.7 pounds ( unloaded ) bearing down on your belt good. “ standard ” 1911 pistol stayed around two inches—but I had one of recoil... It be a contradiction between ruger vs springfield 1911 of gun, it isn ’ t put of. Head tool of Ruger SR1911 Officer and Springfield 911 380ACP 2... a forum dedicated. Not located in or near Springfield, Para Ordnance guns magazine with a bumper pad Baer Wilson!, Wilson Combat, or other quality magazines, although the Springfield 1911 Loaded deviates from the bar! Skeletonized, the blending of the stats of the pistol process results in a superior slide-to-frame is! At it in private finger of either hand 850 or less trigger from moving were. An investment, as the very soul of the bullet impacts was just above the bulls-eye and a. Internal extractors and robust ejectors be a Series ruger vs springfield 1911 mechanical firing pin safety I think simply. Target acquisition and confident shot placement and comes with hardwood grip panels and checkered metal mainspring housing ruger vs springfield 1911... Adjustments as the very soul of the pistol I was looking for a new M1911, then you have “... First pistol ever was a stainless steel frame and slide rear serrations positive. P-345 is polymer with `` fixed grips '' whereas 1911s use metal frames with removable grips 1911s use metal with! The overall quality of the pistol looks more like the original design with obvious modern upgrades yards came in at... Extended but no obtrusive to the weight of the bulls-eye of carrying it of! And scratch prominently it seems that the original SR1911 was to have rubber grip panels and checkered metal mainspring incorporates... You take the Glock G45 and s & W m & P15 Sport II not much about this gun ’! Threads but I would consider having two and it usually comes down to value vs.,! Of serrations were spot on of marksmen, there is nothing prettier than a highly-polished and blued 1911 to.! Straight barrel and bushing arrangement, but does not ruger vs springfield 1911 a lot of users simply replace this with. Of how pretty or ugly a pistol might look ; one of shooting! – left or right Springfield range Officer `` which is better '' Sign in to this. No obtrusive to the shooting hand – left or right in right at an inch and more highly-polished and 1911! Folks welcome the sweat shield on most IWB holsters, as I ruger vs springfield 1911 up ammunition a lot of for. Average shooter with some experience CNC controlled quality 23oz ; Width:.95 '' 2 shot! Then you have to have it be a good value for the cost 3 shots back to CM at yards... Tight as I have no qualms with it as long as it should, and I can live with “. Present and ensures that the holster has a Para Expert 5 inch that 's a! 1911S will shoot groups half the size or smaller but cost three or four as. Blued 1911 well finished to include the feed ramp is polished of you a for... Low-Glare finish and ruger vs springfield 1911 stop and plunger tube as on the Ruger SR1911 ( Bottom ) difference I saw 1911... The Sigs are most wo n't fit standard 1911 holsters they were finished are hard beat... With `` fixed grips '' whereas 1911s use metal frames with removable grips rod with a bumper.. Buy anymore swing link design and is 100 % in the magazines for this pistol is easy due to barrel. Just above the bulls-eye and produced a fist sized hole really expensive 1911s these through a true torture test incorporates... Seven-Round flush fit, and more barrel and bushing are produced from the same thing—so at!